How to Craft a Title in LinkedIn Article?

Pay attention to your title.

It’s the first thing that your reader reads before they even get to the body of your work.

Your first step in crafting a title is making sure that your keyword research.

Since LinkedIn articles are indexed, you want to make sure that your primary keyword is in your title.

Now there are different ways to craft a title.

Here are a couple of pointers that can help you out:

  • Make sure it’s short and easy to read.
  • Use exciting language, but avoid using clickbait strategies to lure readers in.
  • Use power words that are relevant to your industry, e.g., in marketing you can use the word “convert” instead of “sell”.
  • Listicles work, but make sure you have a list that actually has value. (If you’re using numbers, you’ll find that odd numbers work better than even numbers.)
  • Consider converting the title into a question so that you can elicit curiosity.
  • “How-to” titles – just like the title of this guide – work well, too.
  • Use techniques such as alliteration or assonance.
  • Get a colleague to check out the title and get their feedback.
  • Two-part titles are okay, but your challenge is to keep them short and brief.
  • Google your title before you use it, chances are there’s another article related to the one you’re writing and you can get a couple of good ideas for titles.