How to crack Google Technical interview

These are the following steps to prepare for a google Technical Interview:

Gather as much information as possible on the Google interview process:

Misinformation will disrupt your preparation leading up to the interview, just as insufficient knowledge of a technical question may ruin you in the actual interview. For more information on how Google employs, go to

Set a goal for yourself:

Determine where you are now that you know how prepared you need to be. Take a few questions from each section and try to answer them. Keep note of how long it takes you to find the best answer to each challenge you tackle. Carry on in this manner for each section. When done, you can prioritize the sections that you didn’t do so well on upfront in your practice regimen and leave the other sections for later.

Make a study schedule:

Make a prioritized list of things you need to study using the information you gathered in the previous stage.

Every day, practice algorithms and data structures:

Choose two or three items from your list and devote two or three hours every day to working on them.

Attempt to answer as many programming questions as possible:

You should have a fair idea of the talents you’ll need to ace an interview question by now.