How to combine Data Sources using Data Blending?

Data blending is a method for combining data from multiple sources. Data blending brings in additional information from a secondary data source and displays it with data from the primary data source directly in the view. Data blending is particularly useful when the blend relationship—linking fields—need to vary on a sheet-by-sheet basis, or when combining published data sources.

  1. Ensure that the workbook has multiple data sources. The second data source should be added by going to Data > New data source.
  2. Tip: Adding another connection to the first data source enables relationships and joins on the Data Source page. Blending requires two or more distinct data sources, listed independently in the Data pane.
  3. Drag a field to the view. Whichever data source this first field comes from will become the primary data source.
  4. Switch to another data source and make sure there is a blend relationship to the primary data source.
  5. Drag a field into the view from the secondary data source.