How to Choose Your Headline and Image Wisely on LinkedIn Article?

Last year I spoke with a LinkedIn Influencer and asked how she reaches such a large audience with her posts. I learned that she spends more time perfecting an article’s headline and image than she spends actually writing the article. That’s because it’s the photo and headline that’ll entice someone to click and read the post—if you choose something generic and bland, he or she may never get to all of your great insights.

Your headline should be concise, clear, and give people a reason to click. Readers have a short attention span. (Would you be more likely to check out “5 Things I Learned from Applying to 30 Jobs in 30 Days” or “Job Application Lessons?”)

After you’ve got the headline down, consider the image that’ll show at the top next to it. While you can include media and photos throughout your post, LinkedIn allows you to select one featured image.