How to become an ethical hacker? What are the profiles and opportunities?

An ethical hacker acts like a protagonist against the antagonist ,that is a hacker and other cybercriminals, to defend the cyber security setup of an organization and the servers, databases and network attached with it, by engaging in cyberwarfare to defeat the attacks and find out loopholes by engaging in penetration testing exercises , analyzing the risk status of the architecture and finding faults in the system so they are patched up and prepared to stand in the face of an actual attack.

The career path to become an ethical hacker can go through various ways. However, all the pathways must feature some basic requirements. Following are some of the basic features of the career track of an ethical hacker:

Criteria for UG and PG Courses:

Having passed the 12thexamination or its equivalent exam from a recognized board. The entry into the undergraduate courses will have to go through entrance tests or based on percentage in the board examinations.
The pathway to the postgraduate course happens to be having a bachelor’s degree in the fields like Computer Science, Information Technology or any other relevant field that signals the knowledge of programming and network architecture knowledge.

Technical Skill Requirement:

Thorough knowledge of the network architecture and its branches, both from the point of view of functionality and security, having experience and certifications in the field of network and cyber security, having hands down experience and knowledge about the working of servers, databases, operating systems, and switches.

Common Profiles of an ethical hacker:

Ethical Hacker, Security Consultant, Penetration Tester, Information Security Manager, Information Security Analyst

Job Opportunities:

The ethical hackers are in demand given the nature of the modern business and the risks associated with it given the digital push into both public and private sectors. Almost all big software services and Information Technology sector companies hire ethical hackers to design their security setup and find loopholes in the existing ones.