How to become a full stack developer?

Programming languages

You need to be proficient in multiple languages, such as JAVA, PHP, C #, Python, Ruby, Perl, etc. As most of your core business processes need to be written in these languages.Maybe not all need. But you also have to master the language grammar, and to be very familiar with how to structure, design, implementation, and testing of the project based on one language or more languages. For example, if you choose JAVA, then you need to master the object-oriented design and development, design patterns, J2EE-based components of the development and so on.

Use development frameworks and third-party libraries
The popular development languages are generally accompanied by a good development framework, such as JAVA Spring, MyBatis, Hibernate, Python Django, PHP thinkphp, yin, nodeJs express and so on.

Front-end technology

Front-end technologies are becoming more and more important in today’s project and product development. In addition to product features, the user experience is also one of the criteria to test the success of a product. All that depends on the implementation of the front-end technology, soyou need to master some Such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and further study the front-end frameworks or third-party libraries such as JQuery, LESS, SASS, AngularJS, or REACT.
Database and cache

Any product or project needs a database to store data. you also need to have at least one or two databases and know how to interact with the database. Currently, the popular database is MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, SQLServer and so on. As a document-type database, MongoDB, is being used more widely in Internet products. As for larger projects, Ialso recommend using MySQL or commercial Oracle as the back-end database. While memory databases, such as Redis, can be used for caching to improve system performance.
Basic design ability

Most of the articles or discussions about the full stack developer are rarely related to the design requirements. But I think the design skill is very important, the, UI design, UX design are also needed to understand.

Self-requirements are also an essential factor to become a full stack developer:

  • Global thinking
  • Good communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity
  • Time management skills

Take any and any computer engineering/IT books, assignments, or knowledge you can get your hands on. You’ve built a full stack of never-ending information:

The steps to becoming a full stack developer are outlined here.

1. Choose Your Stack
First, pick the technologies you want to master and which programming languages you want to use so that you can work on both the front-end and back-end of a software project.
The LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/ Perl/ Python) was the conventional stack mode. The MEAN stack, on the other hand, has been gaining prominence (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS).

2. Stay Updated
In the ever-changing world of technology, staying current and learning new skills is a must if you want to become a true-blue full stack developer. If you’re inactive for even a few months and grow stagnant, you’re at risk of being obsolete!
While the LAMP stack remains a reliable and efficient package, the MEAN stack has the advantage of being more up to date with current technology. When it’s time to move on and learn new programming languages, savvy developers will know.

3. Join A Good Course
This is the most crucial phase because it will define your growth from the beginning. You should select an institution that is aware of all market trends and keeps its curriculum up to date in light of technological advancements. Choose an institute that will help you gain more practical knowledge than theoretical information and will prepare you for the future.
The most effective strategy to become a competent full stack developer is to focus on one stack at a time and then gradually move on to another. Aiming to master both stacks is pointless and useless, as the amount of information expands exponentially as you add more stacks to your forte.

Good Luck!