How to answer "What are your salary expectations?”

This has to be one of the most confusing questions, where candidates usually face the dilemma of whether to play it smooth or begin playing hardball with the panelist(s). Here are some sample answers to help you build the right strategy for answering this question:

  1. To be honest, I do not focus on the salary offer. I like the job description, your bank, and I would be proud to have this job. But as far as my knowledge goes, average salary for a teller in your institution starts at $33,000 . I would accept it for the start, and hope to prove my skills and get a raise later on.

  2. This is my first job application, and I am motivated to learn. I understand that this is an entry level position , so the salary offer won’t be amazing. It will be fitting for the level of job. At the same time, however, the possibilities of promotion are almost endless here. I am ready to accept your standard salary offer for entry level jobs. I am sure that once I prove myself worthy of a promotion, or of a raise, you won’t hesitate offering it to me.

  3. I’ve been earning $70,000 in my present job , and I would prefer not earning less, considering it goes about almost the same position. However, I am open to negotiation, and would love to hear your thoughts. I am aware that you have your budget for the position and directions from your managers, so I am definitely open to negotiation.

  4. I’ve been working as a software engineer for ten years already. With my level of experience and references, and, of course, the situation on the employment market, I would consider $120,000 a good start, including benefits. Needless to say, I believe that I can bring much more value to the company with my work, and hence it would be a win-win deal for both parties. At least that’s how I see it.

  5. I have no expectations to be honest. I’ve worked in a publishing industry for ten years, and recently I experienced a complete burnout . Now I am seeking a simple manual job of a waitress, to recharge my batteries, try something new, and basically to change my career completely. Money is not really a problem for me, and I will accept anything you typically pay to waitresses here.

  6. I do not expect anything from you. But I want to make sure that I make as much as I can , on sales commissions. I have an ambition to become one of the best sales representatives in the company. And I am sure that if I manage to do so, and generate a lot of business for you each month, I won’t be disappointed with the money I will earn here.

  7. To be honest, I need to earn at least $2,500 each month. Not that I am fixed on a certain amount or anything similar, but I broke down of my monthly expenses , and $2,500 is enough to keep my head above the water basically, with a slight reserve, so I can save something each month and treat myself with a nice holiday once or twice a year, or pay if something unexpected happens…

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