How to Answer the 'Give Me an Example of a Time When You Created a Goal and Then Achieved It'?

Discuss the Method You Used to Reach Goals. There are a lot of different methods out there for achieving a goal. Many people use a visualization method to help make their goals a reality. However- if you want to impress the employer- you will need an answer that is more than ‘I set a goal and thought about it and it happened.’ Think about the steps you took to achieve a goal. Also think about the schedule you kept to make it a reality. Time management and scheduling can make it much easier to actually achieve the goals you set and are a great detail to include in your answer to show the hiring manager you will be able to achieve other goals in the future. It is important your reply shows you understand the work that goes into the goals you set and your appreciation of the different potential outcomes available.

Focus on Your Answer Organization. To answer behavioral interview questions- you need to have a real-life example from your past. Not only do you have to have an appropriate story- but you have to know how to organize said story in a way that will ensure you give the details the hiring manager needs and wants. A common organizational method is referred to as STAR. This method requires you have distinct details in your response.