How to answer tell me about yourself?

Tell me about yourself

This is the most common in any interview, whether an MBA interview or a job interview. In an MBA interview, everything you speak about yourself should point towards why you’re right and how the B-School will benefit from you by pursuing an MBA there.

If the interviewer mentions your name in the question, tell me about yourself, like " sam, tell me about yourself". Please do not introduce yourself with your name, as the interviewer has already mentioned it.

Prepare different pitches of self-introduction. Prepare one minute, 90 seconds and two minutes pitch. You should start by your name (if the interviewer doesn’t mention it), then place you are from, then highest education qualification (if you are a fresher, go in the revere direction; mention graduation, then secondary and primary schooling), if you are a working professional talk about your working experience, then talk about your skills and hobbies.

Do not give away too many points in the self-introduction itself. Keep some of your real-life experiences to talk about later in the interview.