How to answer "tell me about yourself" in MBA HR interview

  • This is by far the most typical HR interview question for freshers, and it requires a quick response. You’re asked a question about yourself, and you can’t fail to respond.
  • This question usually sets the tone and mood of the interview, so you should prepare an appropriate response.
  • When an interviewer asks you to “tell me about yourself,” they do not ask you to recite your name or college grades.
  • Any information they can find on your resume isn’t worth reiterating at this time.
  • Yes, it would be best if you discussed your professional accomplishments, but in a way that is consistent with the employer’s ideal candidate profile. Discuss topics that fascinate you, but make sure they are relevant to the job requirements.
  • Talk about your accomplishments and strengths, and be precise. However, do not begin reciting your resume; otherwise, you will bring the employer.