How to answer interview questions about attributes

Speaking about former work experiences can flow more naturally than discussing broad skills that you could bring to the table. Talking about your attributes is not as straightforward as objective answers and needs a little bit of planning to execute well.

Below are a few steps to achieve a well-rounded answer concerning transferable attributes:

State the quality plainly. Telling an interviewer about the skills that you’ll bring to a position isn’t the time to be ambiguous in your intentions. Before delving into any deeper details, state the transferable skills you’ll be talking about plainly.

If an interviewer is busy trying to figure out exactly what attributes you’re describing, they won’t be paying attention to anything else you’re saying.

Explain the importance of the attribute in your work. An interviewer is looking to get your perspective on the transferable skills that you possess. That means explaining the importance of the attribute to your work.

Although the reasoning might seem fairly obvious to you, it’s best to lay it all out there during an interview.

Give an example of a time you displayed the soft skill. Any interviewee can say that they’re masters of analytical thinking or an effective leader, but pulling examples from previous work experience solidifies that information.

Start thinking about the top soft skills you want to discuss during an interview and figure out at least one scenario in which you exemplified these qualities.

Adding a time you’ve used a transferable ability creates a more comprehensive answer to questions about your attributes as an employee.