How to answer commonly asked questions in technical interview round of JP Morgan?

The technical Interview round of the JP Morgan campus placement process is one of the rounds where candidates have to be prepared to show their expertise in the domain they are interviewing for.

So, as to help in the preparation, here are some commonly asked questions and how to answer them -

  • Rank the top 3 skills you believe are essential for the role.

To answer the question, you should be well aware of the Job descriptions posted by the company, and you should know what skills might come as your strength and rank them accordingly to show your profile in good light against panelists.

  • Here is a puzzle, and solve it accordingly.

This is the most common question/task provided by the panelist during the interview. It is generally given to check the candidates’ analytical knowledge and mathematical aptitude.

  • Describe the new technology you will use to be more productive in the role.

For answering this question, you have to research the domain and industry of the company. You have to be up to date with the technology currently used in the relevant industry.