How to Analyze the Performance of Your LinkedIn Articles?

Your LinkedIn article receives a view when someone clicks on the article to read it. (A view for a post, on the other hand, is counted if someone scrolls past the post in the news feed.)

To view the analytics for your articles, click your profile image and select View My Profile. Then scroll down to Articles and Activity.

Click on See All Articles and choose the article for which you want to view the analytics. (Note that you can also view the analytics for your posts here too; simply choose Posts at the top of the feed.)
Click on the bottom-right option in gray—”x views of your article.”

The pop-up window that appears will show the analytics for your article. You can see the number of views, as well as whether anyone has reshared your article.

You’ll also find information about the people who have viewed your article, including:

  • The company where they work
  • Their job title
  • Their location
  • How most people found your article (through LinkedIn or another website)