How to ace the Written Ability Test(WAT)?

This assignment requires you to write an essay within the allotted word count, presenting your thoughts and knowledge on the provided topic. Despite how straightforward the essay writing assessment appears to be, given the number of applicants and seats available, it is quite difficult to pass. One must ensure that it is grammatically correct, a GOOD vocabulary is backed up by facts and figures, and depicts yourself as a competent future manager.

  • Knowledge, is irreplaceable, Make reading a routine since information is the key to success. Pay attention to the news by reading popular magazines, newspapers, blogs, as well as other sources.
  • Participating in mock WAT sessions is an excellent approach to improve your flaws and strengths. Each WAT session’s feedback is really valuable. First, you gain a better understanding of the topics, and second, you learn how to behave in the WAT. This requires both comprehending the subject and presenting your ideas.
  • Before wording your ideas into the essay, make sure you have a good understanding of the issue.
  • Take care not to stray from the topic and do not restate the ideas. Your ideas and thoughts should be well-thought-out and concise.

To prepare for WAT or Written ability test, follow the following points -

  • Gain Subject Knowledge - Do not go into a WAT round unprepared. One of the essential preparation recommendations for written ability examinations is to get knowledge of main managerial themes. Keep up with the latest fashion trends. Read both national and foreign publications and journals.
  • Make Notes on Current Trends - Making a bullet board and pasting ongoing events is one of the preparation ideas for a written ability test.
  • Time management is essential in all aspects of life because time is limited. As a result, candidates should keep the importance of time in mind when taking the WAT round and aim to submit their entire work within the time limit set by the B-Schools.
  • Follow The CODER method -

C - Gather thoughts

D – Develop them O – Organize them

E - Express yourself

R stands for review.

As a result, gather subject knowledge, organize and develop relevant sticky/flash notes, communicate them within the time limit, and review them before submission.