How to ace the interview rounds of oracle placement process?

Following are some tips suggested by the industry veteran and oracle’s recruiter.

The interview round is one of the final stages of the process, and getting through them means converting and starting your career in your dream company.

The big day has finally arrived! Here are a few more pointers to help you master the live interview.

  • Inquire about the needs in detail. Please speak up if the question is not apparent to you. If you can apply a restriction on input, you may often substantially simplify a task.

  • Before you start coding, talk over your strategy. Remember, we are primarily interested in learning how you approach problem-solving, not just how you write code. We are interested in seeing how you come to real-world issues. Communicate; speak your thoughts aloud. Make it a team effort.

  • Ask a question if you are stuck. It is OK to speak up if you are unsure what to do next during the coding process.

  • It is acceptable to start with a simple, brute-force, sub-optimal solution and then iterate on it for time and space efficiency.

  • In the worst-case scenario, having something working that you can improve is preferable to having a preliminary version of the ideal solution.

  • If you have the time, come up with a primary test case and walk through it once you have written anything down. Take a minute to discuss how you would test your code, even if you do not have time to do an entire test run.