How strong is artificial intelligence?

Let us take a quick look at the complicated history of Artificial Intelligence, particularly the subject of neural networks, to address this question. Nearly a few decades ago, the notion of AI and its seemingly infinite capabilities was conceived. Artificial intelligence (AI) was predicted to be the next big thing in providing answers to existing challenges.
People gradually discovered that Artificial Intelligence was not as easy as they had assumed. And, given the available technologies at the time, doing complicated actions would be nearly impossible.
Due to a lack of data and technical resources to resist the capability of executing complicated permutations and combinations, AI was initially not as effective as it was thought to be.
However, we have come to the conclusion that Artificial Intelligence is the possible future for creating a revolutionary society in our contemporary period. AI can even complete complicated jobs that would take humans far longer to complete.

“How strong is AI?” is a simple question with a simple response. In the modern day, the capacity of the researcher working on the program’s computation is crucial. The developer’s competence aids in making the AI model sufficiently excellent to tackle a particularly complicated task as quickly as feasible.
You can help calculate AI models quicker and build novel items with the development of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). As of today, AI is capable of efficiently and successfully completing a set of duties that have been assigned to it. However, it hasn’t hit its apex yet, and we’re still a few years away.