How should one introduce themselves in a MBA interview?

An introduction is a great way to make or break your chance. A good introduction will always help you move or control your whole interview.

some points you should consider during the introduction-

  1. It always starts with pleasantries like a good morning.
  2. Always try to bring information which is not given in your CV. so do not start with your name or something generic which is already given in your CV,
  3. Always try to bring your positives in the introduction and highlight your achievements.
  4. If there are any discrepancies in your profile, always avoid mentioning those in the introduction.
  5. Try to present your introduction in stories where you illustrate your experiences quantifiable.
  6. Always try to quantify your experience or achievements.

For example, I have won first place in my batch. However, you can present it in a better sense by saying I had achieved the first rank in my batch of 200 students.

These are some essential points you have to keep in mind while preparing your answer for an introduction.

Setting the tone for a proceeding is as important as the proceeding itself. While “First Impression is the last impression” saying might not stand true every time, but it will for sure decide how a significant part of a session might move.
During an interview, be at your best in presence, dress smart, look smart, talk smart and follow these points to begin your interview on a good note:

  1. Always begin the conversation with a smile and exchange greetings.
  2. Whenever they ask you to tell something about yourself, escape the name part as they must be knowing it by now. Emphasize on the lighter aspects, throw in your personal background, fields of interests and other interesting things that might place you as a decent person to have a conversation with.
  3. Focus the flow of your introduction on your strengths. Avoid mentioning any weakness or a shortcoming of yours yourself but be prepared for them if they bring up the issue in the later part of the conversation.
  4. If the interviewer tries to make the atmosphere light and fun during the exchange of the greetings, reciprocate with a gentle smile, rather than a laugh.
  5. Always give some personal touch to your introduction, of course under the limitations of a formal discussion, to make yourself look an interesting personality with a fresh approach.
  6. Do mention your field of interests , any extracurricular activity you have been a part of and were good at, or any achievement in professional or personal level.

Know your difficulty matter

The first tip is to recognize your concern matter. You ought to habits lookup on the college and peruse the college internet site and any associated media which may assist you talk about the college curriculum or any college you have been following. Another essential element is to look at how the college talks about itself and what language and vocabulary it uses on its website. This will help you illustrate how you’re a top match with the school’s culture.

Be proactive

It would help if you delivered key messages about yourself. It would help if you put together your key promoting factors and you will favor making sure to point them out throughout your interview. Failing to do that would possibly result with you feeling that you’ve forgotten to point out some thing essential that you desired to share. It’s also a way for you to be proactive from hostile to reactive and ready for the interviewer to pull the data out of you.

Prepare for the unexpected

Another vital recommendation is to attempt to put together any hard questions that would come throughout for the duration of the interview. Some examples are questions pertaining to your desire for recommenders or questions associated with your MBA applications’ timing. Moreover, you should look at your background objectively and discover any weaknesses. You may also have to tackle these weaknesses throughout the interview, so make sure to assume them through.

Ask applicable questions

If you don’t ask questions, it may also be perceived as a lack of interest. The interview is a two-way method and if you ask relevant and clever questions, you will inevitably depart a right impression. Ensure your questions colud no longer be answered on the college website. Examples of proper ones may pertain to your non-public or expert interests. For instance, if you talk about private or neighborhood interests, you should ask the college how they ought to assist you to pursue these interests.


However, the last, important tip is to practise, significantly a few days earlier than your interview. This will assist you to attain a factor where you can categorize yourself clearly and concisely. Practice will assist you hone your message and inform your story in a way that you sense satisfied and confident.