How should I prepare for a Microsoft interview?

To gain a job as a software engineer at a business like Microsoft, you must prepare well in four major parts of the hiring process:

1. Behavior:
The non-technical talents that you should demonstrate as a software engineer are referred to as the behavioral aspect. This includes abilities such as effective communication, certain leadership skills, and teamwork ability.

2. Technical Knowledge:
Be confident in your core concepts. They certainly wouldn’t expect you to address the problem in any particular language. Even syntax seems fine. However, you should be proficient in Algorithms, Data Structures, Object-oriented programming, DBMS, and Operating Systems.

3. System design:
This relates to developing a system’s architecture, modules, interfaces, and data to meet any given criteria.

4. Confidence:
Demonstrate your self-assurance. Have faith in your ability to land the job. Most likely, you will. Many interviewers will put this to the test to the farthest extent possible.