How should a professional grow his career in product management?

Product management is a complex discipline. It requires a wide range of skills and skillsets.


  1. Develop your skills, deliver excellent products, and gain experience.
    Then you could give it a try. If you try to “climb the ladder quickly,” you will most likely be doing a disservice to yourself and the companies you work for.
  2. There are few things more frustrating than being an inexperienced and underqualified PM in a position of significant leadership.
  3. If you do everything correctly, your career path should take 6-10 years.
    It takes approximately this amount of time to master the skill sets involved.


  • Minor details such as getting the UX flows fast and correct, roadmaps and their execution, interaction with dev and marketing


  • interviews, usability, support, and understanding feedback - ideation - finding innovation from the information that you were able to gather.


  • learn to discard clutter and take only the essential things, and to say no to people in a reasoned and respectable manner


  • understanding where you want to go, ability to back it up with data and research, and transfer that vision to your team - strategic thinking - gradually expand your

Once you’ve mastered these, you’ll be ready to be a VP for real.