How Much Do Digital Marketers Make?

  • As a Digital Marketer, your potential wages will be determined by various criteria such as your location, the size of the firm you work for, your degree of seniority, and your years of experience. As a result, compensation for Digital Marketers might range widely from one end of the spectrum to the other.
  • The types of top-level supervisory posts generally found only in major firms, such as VP of Digital Marketing ($135,000 to $200,000) and Director of Digital Marketing ($105,000 to $140,000), are at the high end of the scale.
  • According to the same research, a more mid-level Manager of Digital Marketing or Manager of Email Marketing pays between $65,000 and $130,000.
  • In Canada, where the largest corporations are typically smaller than those in the United States, salaries in the IT industry scale in lockstep.
  • As a result, according to Glassdoor, average wages in Canada range from over $75,000 for a Director of Digital Marketing or $74,000 for a Digital Marketing Manager to $51,000 for a lower-level Digital Marketing Specialist.