How mornings looks like in life of a Big data engineer?

Following is the chronological schedule or timetable of a data engineer throughout their day:

8:30 AM

I arrived at the office.

NO ONE HAS YET ARRIVED because I am one of the first birds in the open space.

After settling in, I check out our data monitoring tools, including a resource utilization graph, storage bar charts, and anomaly alerts.

If there is something wrong with the data, I will have to investigate.

It is possible that some data could be missing or will have strange values.

Data transactions can occasionally fail, leaving us with no data.

Then I double-check our data schedulers.

Every day, we use hundreds of gigabytes of data. We cannot move all that data manually from one pipeline to another. Data schedulers are required to run queries, copy data between databases, and, most importantly, set a timetable for those tasks.

When the amount of data surpasses the capacity of human manipulation, a scheduler is an essential component of the data pipeline. Because we engineers enjoy creating, we built all of our data schedulers in-house.

10:30 AM

I had daily meetings with my teammates.

We tell each other what we did the day before, what we want to accomplish the next day, and whether anything is preventing us from doing so. Because we despise long meetings, we attempt to communicate to save everyone’s time.

These brief reunions are beneficial because they keep each team member’s interaction to a minimum.

I came back to my desk and started working again.

12:00 PM

Lunch break with my teammates.