How many types of backups are there in Azure?

Three types of replications are included in Azure Backup, ensuring that both storage and data are highly accessible.

GRS (geo-redundant storage) is the default and recommended choice for replicating data to a secondary site that is far away from the main.

LRS (locally redundant storage) creates three copies of data in a data center’s storage scale unit.

ZRS (zone-redundant storage) replicates data in availability zones with data residency and resiliency in the same location, with no downtime.

You could be interested in several different kinds of backups:

  • Data outside of Azure you would like to back up. Consider Azure Files. This makes an Azure storage account “look” like an SMB share you can save files to. There is also a “cold” pricing tier which makes it cheaper to store data you access infrequently.

  • Data stored in SQL Azure. SQL Azure provides an integrated way of backing data up.

  • Data stored in Azure Document DB. Document Db provides a built in way to back up data.

  • Azure virtual machine. Use Azure Recovery Service.

  • Azure Web App. Azure web app provides a built in way to back up data.