How many rounds are there in the Capgemini interview process?

According to previous year’s data, the recruiting procedure in Capgemini’s campus recruitment campaign in India consists of three stages:

1. Online test
Capgemini uses the Cocubes platform to conduct its online test.
The online test is divided into the following sections:
• Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
• Writing an Essay
• Section of Pseudo Code

2. Technical Interview
Capgemini Interview Questions for the Technical Round will be centered on topics of your interest or projects you have completed. You must be completely familiar with all of the projects shown on your CV. You will be asked fundamental C, C++, Pseudo Code, and DBMS problems.

3. HR interview
HR Interview: Only communication and problem-solving abilities are tested during this interview. The questions will revolve around your personality, family, education, interests, internships, and so on. They will also ask questions about your preferred location and your interest in further education.