How many mocks should one give before the CAT exam?

Mock tests are practice exams that one should appear for before the D-Day. Mock tests are of two types – sectional tests and full-length mock tests. Usually, any institute that the candidate is enrolled in provides both these tests.

  • Sectional tests help the candidate to gauge their stronger and weaker sections. This will help in identifying the areas which need more practice or more accuracy than attempts.

  • Typically, 1 sectional test of each section should be given a week, starting March.

  • Full-length mock tests enable a candidate to assess his overall preparation and patience. Typically, 50-60 mocks should be given and be spread out across 8 months, starting April. (According to the preparation of the candidate).

These numbers are based on an ideal situation wherein the candidate starts preparing for the exam well in advance. One can always modify the number and the time devoted according to the time they have at their disposal and the sincerity with which one approaches the exam.