How many LRDI sets should one practice daily to improve it?

The LRDI section of CAT consists of sets based on encoding bar/pie charts, binary logic, seating arrangements, games and tournaments, cube-based problems, and orders and rankings. These generally depend on the innate ability and logical comprehension of the candidate. However, it can also be acquired over a period of time with regular practice and perseverance. In order to improve this section one practice 15-18 sets in a week. These sets will be available in various aptitude books, class sheets, mock tests, and of course, the internet. Keeping a target of two sets of each type in a week and repeating the pattern in rotation can help in having an assortment and avoid boredom from similar types of questions. Apart, from this a candidate can take up activities like solving sudoku, decoding crosswords, and jumbled words to improve on speed and skills. This section can be challenging as one has to immediately switch to numbers after reading several paragraphs in the VARC section, but one has to stay focused and confident throughout the exam.