How many leaves does TCS provide in a year?

TCS is one of the largest recruiters of India. Every Year it hires thousands of fresh engineering graduates. The work culture of the organization is pretty decent. TCS follows a 5-day work week and generally has 8-9 hours in a workday. It also provides provision of leaves throughout the year which the employees can utilize:

• Number of Earned leaves in a Quarter – 4. Thus, the number of earned leaves in a year are around 16.
• Number of Sick leaves given is about 1 per month which comes out to be 12 per year after which there is a cut in salary. (Can be carried forward)
• Casual leaves in one year amount to 7 where no reason has to be provided for taking the leave. (Cannot be carried forward to next year)
• Nearly 8 holidays are given for national holidays, over and above which there is a provision of holidays for regional festivals.