How Machine Learning and Blockchain can be combined?

Combining Machine learning and Blockchain technologies in one application can generate further application possibilities and connections with other Industry 4.0 technologies.

Example may be the use of Blockchain technology in improving the security of electronic settlements and payments carried out on the Internet and the improvement of cybersecurity systems in online banking. In the situation of using machine-learning technologies and / or artificial intelligence in the field of cybersecurity techniques, it is possible to create intelligent cybersecurity systems that partially autonomously improve the instruments used to manage cybercrime risk.

Blockchain is designed to be immutable, whichever information goes in becomes immutable. But there is no mechanism to verify whether the information is correct or not. So if there is a wrong information it becomes immutable. I think AI (Deep learning, Neural Intelligence) can be used to identify the validity/correctness of the data and once verified then it can be sent to blockchain application to make the information permanent. So we use both the technologies then it will actually server in better way. Now this combination can be applied to anywhere (not restrict to only health care or voting or money transactions but any other digital asset or colour coins etc - the list can keep on going).