How long does it taker to learn skills in Cyber Security?

Most people may get into an entry-level cyber security role in two to four years if they focus on gaining - education, experience, certifications, and a security clearance.

The four requirements that have been mentioned above: are education, experience, certifications, and clearance, out of these, the first three are crucial to one’s cyber security success and speedy entry into the profession. The fourth, security clearance is not required for all positions, but it is for many, and it is certainly desirable.

Confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility are all present. These are frequently referred to as CIA. These concepts are the cornerstones of any security system, and understanding them will help you lay a robust foundation.

Apart from the traditional ways mentioned above, some people prefer self-learning and self-growth. Years of practice and observation of the landscape help the self-taught individual get to where he is. They observed walkthroughs, read write-ups or white papers and tried to imitate what they saw and read.