How long does it take to become a Business Analyst?

Most business analysts have a bachelor’s degree and have worked in IT, software engineering, business, or finance for several years. You must study for at least four years to be qualified for entry-level work, as a full-time bachelor’s degree program normally takes four years to finish.

Then you might think about taking further business analytics classes, getting a master’s degree, or perhaps getting an advanced professional certification.

But don’t be discouraged if you are new generally, it requires 10–12 weeks of study time, with an average of 8–10 hours each week of study time. This includes, if applicable, any training hours.

Typically, training programs last 5–6 weeks, during which time you will also begin to prepare for the certification. The IIBA ECBA certification at the entry-level is not tough. As a result, you should plan on taking the exam in seven weeks.

Use the next 3–5 weeks to look for a job. This includes preparing for interviews and applying for employment. Try to get into internships, you may not get a business analyst role directly but get into the roles related to it.