How leadership helps in PRODUCT MANAGEMENT?


  1. Product Manager is in every sense the CEO of a product, but unlike the CEO, they have very little authority. He can quickly go deep when needed in one or two areas, such as data analysis.

  2. Product Managers are skilled communicators, negotiators, and writers. They work well with marketing, sales, engineering, DevOps, and other departments. Though the Product Manager role varies by company, every product manager is a critical thinker, visionary, and product growth enthusiast.

  3. A Product Manager is involved in numerous decisions regarding feature prioritization daily. A Product Manager must lay out well-researched trade-offs, set timelines, and facilitate great discussion for a customer to make an informed decision. This leads to agreement, and decision-making becomes more accessible because everyone feels involved.

  4. A Product Manager is a critical member of any organization. As a result, to begin a Product Manager role, a candidate must have skills that can be learned or some experience. That is why Board Infinity offers a Product Management Interview Practice Platform where Product Managers can learn, practice, and succeed in interviews.