How its like to work for financial arm of oracle?

The company’s existing employee gives the following answer, and it is from his point of view.

Unless I know what you’re looking for in an Oracle Financial Software Service employee, it’s a difficult question.

  • Yes, it is an excellent organization to start with as a fresher (consultant profile) interested in development, testing, and other related areas.

  • You will learn a lot, and your calendar will be jam-packed once given a project, but you may have to wait a long time to be assigned to one, which is a significant disadvantage.

  • Compared to other similar firms, the work culture is not particularly good. As a result, don’t hold high expectations for team parties, festival gifts, or celebrations.

  • It is one of the better-paying careers, particularly for newcomers, when it comes to money.

  • Well, the infrastructure and facilities on hand are first-rate and cannot be faulted. (Because I’m from Bangalore, I just know about the two Bangalore offices.)