How is your previous company different as a result of you working there?

Why They Ask: Yes, employers want to find candidates who have the necessary skills and will work hard. However, above all else, they care about value — they want someone who can translate their skills into something that makes a real, meaningful difference for the company.

That’s exactly why this interview question crops up. You need to call attention to not just what you did in your previous role, but why it mattered and what it accomplished.
How to Answer: I understand the temptation to use this as an opportunity to highlight all of your personal achievements. Those are important, but it’s more important that you find a way to tie those back to overarching company goals and larger improvements.
What This Looks Like:
“I did a lot of work that I’m proud of in my last role. But, one project that really made an impact for the company was spearheading the entire redesign of the website. By focusing on making the site cleaner and far more user-friendly, we were actually able to increase conversions by 28 percent. It was great to see that my hard work actually led to a measurable improvement for my employer.