How is training period at Infosys?

The following post is feedback given by the company’s previous trainees, and it can be a little subjective on their part.

The training generally takes place in the Mysore campus of Infosys, and the training takes place for four months in general for a fresher.

The training is divided into two parts:

  • Generic: Programming Fundamentals, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Networking, and Software Engineering are all covered. Each test must be passed with at least 65 percent.

  • Stream: JAVA, Business Intelligence, C#, Mainframe, and other programming languages and a project. You will pass if you have a 65 percent or higher score on the overall test.

Following are some highlights of the training program:

  • Their training material is fantastic, and you can tell it has been meticulously crafted.
  • There was enough theoretical stuff in college. Welcome to practical training that is "100% " practical.
  • Even non-CS batch students, like CS students, will be able to cope with classes and assignments on their own, provided they pay attention in class.
  • All the assessments are online and automated.