How is the training in Wipro for a fresher?

PRP - Project Readiness Program - is the name of the complete training.

The first three days are your Pinnacle, which is similar to an entrance into Wipro policies and the Wipro Spirit.

The next seven days are dedicated to fluency instruction, as the majority of our clientele are from the United Kingdom and Europe. This course will help us improve our British accent.

Your Domain training will begin later - there are three stages to this domain training.

The first stage is the Technology Readiness Program (TRP)

Stage 1: Depending on your project, this could take up to 20 days. This is where you will study the fundamentals of your domain. At this point, they will conduct tests. TRP test 1 and TRP test 2 are two different types of TRP tests. They will use the highest score from these two tests to determine your final grade. The exam is an online one with multiple-choice questions. There will be no negative marking.

Stage 2: TRP 2 is a 20-day program in which you will be trained on advanced issues in your domain. You’ll have to take a test once more. This is the TRP 2 Self-Assessment exam. It’s similar to paperwork.

Stage 3: Real Life Lab (RLL) - You will be given a project to complete here. On such a project, you must provide documentation and a PowerPoint presentation. This period lasts about 15 days. They will grade you on your documentary work.

They will combine all of your marks from all three levels at the end of your training. A minimum of 70 or 75 percent of the marks must be obtained. Your website’s domain determines this percentage. It is 70 percent for some domains and 75 percent for others.