How is the Quantitative Ability Section in IIFT?

One-fourth of the IIFT question paper is devoted to quantitative aptitude (QA).

  • This component of the IIFT exam is similar to those of other MBA admission exams, but it is generally more difficult.

  • Despite having the second-lowest weightage in the IIFT exam after GK, the Quantitative Aptitude part is crucial for a high overall grade.

  • It is vital to know which themes dominate the question paper each year when preparing for the Quantitative Aptitude component of the IIFT 2022 exam.

  • Arithmetic, Geometry, Mensuration, and Algebra have dominated the Quantitative Aptitude component of the IIFT exam for the past three years.

The same topics are predicted to dominate the IIFT 2022 exam paper, thus applicants should prepare for them at all costs. They must not, however, disregard other aspects of QA, as you may be in for a pleasant surprise.