How is the interview experience of Microsoft for an engineer?

Following is the interview experience of the unnamed engineer graduate. The candidate had sitten for placement process of Microsoft who had visited their campus.


Graduation - 8.96 CGPA

12th - 94.6%

10th - 92%


The placement process of Microsoft in the candidate’s college consists of the following rounds -

  • Online coding test
  • Written test
  • Technical interview round

The online coding test consisted of two questions with 1-hour time limit.

The Written Test consists of two questions with the same time limit.

According to the candidate, the tests were easy if you were done with your basics.

The candidates had passed the test and were shortlisted for the technical interview round’s next round.

It consists of three interviews, along with technical questions. HR questions are also being asked to off-track the candidate’s mindset.

Some of the technical questions are as follows -

  • What is stored procedure, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of using one?
  • What is the difference between interfaces and abstract classes, and how do you explain them?
  • Explain how to use the most efficient algorithm to sort a linked list.

Some of the HR questions are as follows -

  • What makes you want to work for Microsoft?
  • As a technological guy, tell us about one social problem that worries you the most and propose a solution.
  • Is it more important for you to work hard or work smart?

Result: Unknown