How is summer internship process at IIM Ahmedabad take place?

Summer Internship is a significant and integral aspect of the Post-Graduate Programme (PGP), in which students spend 8-10 weeks after their first year interning with their selected organization.
The internship program allows students to obtain firsthand experience in a particular area by giving them numerous opportunities to invent and test ideas and techniques learned in the first year.
It also aids students in being more open to market demands and settling on a concentration area in the second year.

Student interns report the summer assignment and deliver it to the company as part of their summer internship.
They must also share their knowledge with the Institute before enrolling in the second year.
The need to give a formal presentation regarding the project to the firm and the Institute ensures that this exercise is conducted rigorously.

Summer interns at the Institute have benefited from a lot of business backing, which has resulted in diverse, demanding, and intense learning opportunities.
A growing number of international corporations have recognized the importance of this exercise and have partnered with the Institute.
In addition, each organization has the opportunity to evaluate interns over a long period in a real-world business setting and make pre-placement offers based on this evaluation.
Several companies have employed internships as a primary source of full-time hires.