How is summer internshi process at IIM Udaipur?

Internships last eight weeks during the summer.

They are a requirement that must be met.

During April and May, for the two-year MBA program.

Pre-Placement presentations

Companies can engage with students by giving pre-placement presentations to inform them about the projects available.


The dates for the selection process are listed in the “Calendar” section of this page for each year.

Companies are invited to campus at their leisure, and the time slot is determined after consultation with the Student Placements Committee.

Summer Internship Placement process

Shortlisting students based on their resumes are usually the first step in the process.

Depending on the company’s selection criteria, two-year MBA students are frequently followed by group processes such as GDs, case studies, or written assessments.

One or more rounds of personal interviews are usually used to make the final decisions.

The Student Placements Committee receives a list of the chosen students from the businesses.

Most companies also identify which students they want to keep on the waiting list, allowing both companies and students to make the best decision possible.

Post-Placement process

Through the Student Placements Committee, companies issue official letters to candidates.

The HR managers take over from there, connecting the candidates with their project mentors and guiding them through induction.

Review of Summer Internships

IIMU is dedicated to ensuring that students perform at their highest levels during their internships.

There are three reviews: one after the second week, one in the middle of the project, and one at the end.

Pre-placement offers (PPO)

Before the final placement process, companies can make last employment offers to applicants who perform exceptionally well during their internships.