How is ML is being used in industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 was coined a decade ago to refer to digitalization in the industrial sector. Since then, we have seen an growth in the number of companies in this field committed to implementing advanced technologies like IoT, Blockchain, and all branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI): machine learning, deep learning, cognitive intelligence, and so on.

The benefits of automation in Industry 4.0 are detailed in a report by Infinium Global Research. Machine learning, for example, is being implemented in the industry to improve productivity and production efficiency by allowing for faster, more flexible, and efficient operations.

The study also emphasizes that increased government spending on industrial digitization bolsters the Industry 4.0 sector.

A joint EU plan aimed at attracting more than 20 billion euros per year in Artificial Intelligence investment over the next ten years, as outlined by its president, Ursula von der Leyen (AI). A sum is likely to be attained thanks to private sector contributions and state co-financing.

According to researchers at Infinium Global Research, public investment will enhance Industry 4.0 and technological developments in the electronics industry, the evolution of cloud computing technologies, and the adoption of the Smart factory.