How is life at Wipro for fresher?

It is all dependent on.

  1. The technologies you’ll be learning, as well as your classmates and the domain you’ll be working in.

  2. After training, you’ll be on the bench or working on a project.

  3. If your project’s coworkers are good, your life will be extremely wonderful; if they aren’t, you will have to battle a lot.

  4. The rest is up to you whether you take things positively or negatively. I’ve observed several laterals who constantly compare their current employer to their old one. You can’t be happy wherever if that’s your mentality.

It is like any other IT company when projects are available you will have a lot of work and when a crisis might come, they won’t hesitate to take you out if they think you are not necessary. Generally, in most IT companies project managers has the most power as well as responsibility. The team maters in any project if they are with you, you can make wonders. The corporate world is crueler than you think as freshers enjoy and adapt or you won’t be able to work with a service-based software company.