How is L&T Infotech for freshers, for a graduate engineer trainee position?

The following answer is from a fresher graduate who had recently joined the company and is sharing his own experience in these accounts.

He is also comparing his experience with various parameters as his friends in other companies.


In terms of training, Infosys is well ahead. Mysore’s course structure and infrastructure easily outperform all other IT firms. In terms of L&T, I believe they provide mediocre training comparable to Wipro but better than TCS.


The initial income is virtually identical to others; however, the salary falls below peers after some time (3-5 years). This is due to the minimal increase.


For freshers, the learning curve is comparable to TCS but below Infosys. For most of its projects, Infosys follows the CMMI -5 guidelines. For L&T, this is unusual. In general, the projects are of similar caliber. Individuals, not businesses, are responsible for learning.

Based on the above, one can decide whether it is okay to join the company or not.