How is data science used in flipkart?

Data Science & AI application in Flipkart

Online purchasing is becoming increasingly competitive. Every day, new companies enter the industry, ranging from mass e-retailers to specialized suppliers, all hoping to get a piece of the booming digital commerce pie. Meanwhile, physical retailers are beefing up their digital presence in order to get a part of this ever-growing pie. As a result, providers are clamoring for the consumer dollar, resulting in a frenzy of strategies and trials.
Artificial intelligence is the way forward for Flipkart, a popular online retailer. Flipkart, which made headlines lately for selling a 77 percent stake to brick-and-mortar behemoth Walmart for a whopping US$16 billion, uses artificial intelligence to identify emotional and functional motivators that influence consumer purchasing behavior.

Using artificial intelligence to analyze petabytes of data can reveal deep insights into consumer interests and preferences — an approach has helped Flipkart develop steadily since 2007. Flipkart uses this information to improve its online shopping experience, such as which products it offers and where its innovation efforts should be focused.

Flipkart has a 47 percent stake in the Indian e-commerce market, according to advisory firm RedSeer Consulting, putting it ahead of arch-rival Amazon India, which has a 33 percent share.