How is bitcoin/blockchain being regulated around the world?

Many members in the bitcoin sector are concerned about government regulation. Governments might make it unlawful to own cryptocurrencies or participate in their networks, even though shutting down a decentralized network like Bitcoin is becoming increasingly complex and near impossible.

As massive corporations like PayPal begin to enable the ownership and usage of cryptocurrencies on their platforms, this issue has faded.

Governments worldwide are split on regulating bitcoin as it transitions from speculative investment to a balanced portfolio stablemate. We have broken down the current regulatory framework for digital currencies.

The key takeaways from the discussion will be as follows:

  • As cryptocurrency has grown in importance in the global investing scene, countries have tried various ways to regulate it.
  • Even though bitcoin is widely used in the United States, the country has failed to establish a clear regulatory framework.
  • Because of the patchwork of legislation in various nations, cryptocurrencies are classified and taxed differently everywhere.