How is an Interview for Management trainee role in campus placement for TCS?

The Interview was for a Management Trainee role in TCS during the MBA placement process. The interview started with the basic introduction question after which the interviewer directly jumped in and asked about why I would be the right candidate for the job. I answered by stating what are my particular strengths and what value I would add as a candidate. The next question was which area would I like to work in. I answered that Finance would be my priority followed by sales & Marketing

The interviewer asked me why I was more interested in Finance. I answered his question and then he started asking me about various financial terms. Top 3 financial news in the last 3 months. Any 2 shares of Tata group which I have been following. He then asked me if it was a good strategy of Tata to dive into this many segments of the business. I answered the question after which he asked me about the Jaguar Land Rover acquisition and told me to evaluate it. The interview went on for about 25 minutes.