How is an Interview Experience for Management trainee (Finance) role in campus placement for TCS?

The following was an Interview Experience of MBA grad from Nirma University who did his BBA from Nirma University as well.

The interview panel consisted of 3-panel members - 2 Male and a Female. The Interview started with an Introduction question which I replied as prepared. The Interviewer asked me whether I was aware of the role and asked me the functions of Finance Management Trainee roles. He also asked me why I was interested in doing a Finance job in an IT firm. I replied stating the consultancy services they provide to Banking and financial companies and how I would add value there.

The next series of questions were based on finance. Most of them were pretty basic ranging from certain terminologies and Financial Statements. The interviewer followed by inquiring about How my interest in Finance arose. I answered the question as prepared. The interviewer seemed pretty convinced with the answer. He then asked me about 3 weaknesses and I answered and added about how I am working on them. The interview went on for about 30-35 minutes.