How is an Interview experience for Consulting role in TCS?

The interview was conducted for the consulting role in the Tata Consultancy Services. The interview started with the introduction question. After that, the Interviewer dived right into questions related to past work experience related to working in a Marketing job. What were the ley matrixes of growth that we used? How did we measure performance and how were the incentives decided?

The other interviewer jumped in between and said that he will be providing me with a situation and I have to formulate my answer accordingly. HE asked to estimate the number of computers used in Delhi. I started by defining the scope of the estimate. Then I kept assuming numbers that were on the lines of population, the age group split, and income split. I confirmed before assuming any figure with the interviewer. I tried and solved the whole guestimate. The interviewer was satisfied with my answers. The interview lasted about 45 minutes.