How important is Python for a Back End Developer?

Every tech stack is built on the foundation of back-end technology. Despite the fact that the back-end of any program is invisible to users, it is where all the major operations happen. Python is well-known for being one of the most user-friendly and popular open-source languages with a focus on code readability.

  • Ease of work - Python is known for its shortcode length and easy syntax. This, combined with the abundance of tutorials available on its use, makes it quite simple to understand.
  • Wide Application - Python has a plethora of resources, including a wide range of web application frameworks.
  • Reliability of code and lesser number of lines for programming - Python comes with a wealth of resources, including a variety of web application frameworks.
  • Easier to learn - One of the main reasons Python is so popular is that, in comparison to other programming languages, it is intuitive and simple to learn.