How important is it for public leaders to be able to inspire their employees? Why?

It is important for public leaders to inspire employees at their workplace because if the employees do not feel engaged in their respective works, then the total productivity level will get hampered.

  • The public leaders tend to pick up stories from their own lives to inspire the employees, and therefore the employees can feel connected.
  • The public leaders also make the employees feel like working in a team. This makes the employees feel like working as a team member in a large team to complete a mission.
  • The employees sometimes tend to open up to share their own secrets with the public leaders and learn how to handle those situations.
  • These leaders often play a vital role in helping the employees to develop a positive mindset.
  • Any person in the world loves to get encouraging comments and same with the employees. If those leaders encourage the employees for whatever they are doing, the employees will feel motivated.