How important are facts in a Group Discussion?

Every Group Discussion is different. There are different types of GDs - Factual GD and Abstract GD.

  • Factual GDs are frequent in Group Discussions of many business schools. What is evident by its very name is that it is based on facts and information. Hence, they demand a basic level of awareness with respect to the pressing issues prevailing in different economies.

  • A basic understanding of issues helps in enabling a smooth discussion. It acts as a catalyst or a lubricant in the discussion.

  • A moderator will look for interpersonal skills and the behavior of the candidate more minutely than the knowledge they possess on the particular topic.

  • They primarily want to assess the candidate‚Äôs behavior and approach towards the particular subject matter.

However, if the candidate does not have any idea about the topic, there is no need to panic about the same. They can listen to some of the points made by the other participants and express their views and opinions on them.