How have your studies prepared you for a career in marketing?

A clear understanding of this particular marketing role ensures you focus on those aspects of your studies that add direct value to the job. Include the relevant knowledge you have gained and the application of this knowledge in practical assignments and projects. Include those work-related skills you developed during your studies including:

  • organizing and prioritizing to manage your coursework and meet deadlines

  • data management

  • collaboration and being part of a team on group projects

  • verbal and written communication skills

  • creativity and problem-solving

“The academic component has provided me with a solid foundational knowledge of marketing practices and principles. Applying this knowledge in practical projects and real-world scenarios means that I am able to put this knowledge to good use in the workplace. Other valuable skills that I have developed include in-depth working knowledge of digital marketing platforms, strong data analysis and management skills, effective communication and presentation skills and the ability to successfully collaborate as part of a team.”